« METAL /CRYSTAL » un album de Richard PINHAS

Here are the concerts (the signed ones) and the CD material which will be sent to CUNEIFORM at the end of FEBRUARY to be released  in september 2010…Steve Dixit! In the Cd of 79 minutes, are playing, composing etc….: Wolf eyes, Merzbow, DunKan Pinhas, Antoine Paganoti, Jerome Schmidt ,perhaps Didier BATARD (Historical bass from HELDON)and…..me.
There are 5 totaly different tracks during between 10 and 20 minutes each. The title definitely is :

« METAL /CRYSTAL » an album from Richard PINHAS. At Cuneiform records ONLY!


+Istambul (Turquia) April 22, at the « Minimusik hol »….this event takes place in a very serious « DELEUZE CAMP » at the university of Istambul

+AMSTERDAM(Holland),12 to 14 July (we play the 13rd) 2010,organized by the « Center of Humanities of Utrecht »…with our own VJ MILOSH

Maastricht(Holland)i will give 2 days conferences only (bla…bla) about music. organised by « Jan Eyck Academy », the 6 and 7 october 2010

+Marseille (France), 15 october, at the « POP PHILOSOPHIE FESTIVA” with our own VJ MILOSH

+Washington D.C , Sonic fest, october first week…we are waiting for confirmation and who plays with who…i am OK in all scenarios

So Jerome and me are in east coast early next september…If Some concerts are possible AFTER the SONIC FEST, please let every concert halls, places or people know that we will be pleased to play for decent fees or warranties (no plane tickets to pay for the organisator because precisly i am at least invited by the D.C SHOW) :  cities like NYC, BOSTON, Philadelphia,etc….. Are welcomded


Jerome and me will be– anyway (so no plane to pay) in LAS VEGAS all june 2010.
So if there are concerts possibilities in cities aroud 250 MILES distance (or ready to pay the plane) we are open to play at this period,even with an US drummer, the one who plays with Adrian Belew.

Please let every body knows this.

and best to all of you
my vey best feelings

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