Shayna Dunkelman sur webSYNradio et France Culture

I made a mix for a French online radio station, webSYNradio (really great stuff!) featuring music by many inspiring musicians/friends. Thanks to Dominique Balaÿ for inviting me. And many thanks to contributing music: Maryclare Brzytwa, Preshish Moments, Matt Marks, Zeena Parkins, Kevin Shea Adams, Gudmundur Steinn Gunnarsson, Peter Christian B, Ayako Kataoka, Kanoko Nishi… to be continued because I can’t tag anymore!!

avec Zeena Parkins, Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson, Kevin Shea Adams, Ferrante and Teicher, Toru Takemitsu, James Tenney,  Maryclare Brzytwa, Matt Marks, Preshish Moments, The Norman Conquest, Peter B, Slow Children,  Wiener Kids, Ches Smith And These Arches, People Like Us and Wobbly, Cornelius,  John Zorn, Caleb Burhans, Theresa Wong, Ayako Kataoka,  Ikue Mori, Prefuse 73

+ un inédit de Shayna Dunkelman dans l’émission de Thomas Baumgartner, l’Atelier du Son, France Culture.

Le podcast ici :

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