Vacance de fin d’année avec Adam Nankervis


another vacant space.

1/ Prokofiev – Suite No. 2: Romeo and Juliet
2/ Vladimir Mayakovsky – A Cloud in Trousers – M. Nemiroff
3/ Dmitri Shostocovich – Gadfly Romance
4/ David Medalla – Tatlin At The Funeral of Malevich (Part 1)
( The text of a participation production performance Premiered at Artists For Democarcy Fitzrovia London 1976)
5/ James Edmonds – December 2011
6/ Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers – Dancing Cheek To Cheek Top Hat
7/ Herbert Huncke – On langage
8/ Kurt Schwitters Ursonate (performed by Steven Schick and Shakroh Yadegari)
9/ COIL – Chaostrophy
10/ ee cummings – Let’s from Some Loud Unworlds Most Rightful Wrong
11/ Oswald de Andrade – Poema Falado-Erro de Portugues
12/ Moondog – Fog On The Hudson (425 West 57th Street)
13/ Lan Hungh – Eric Satie
14/ Tobacco – Sweat Mother
15/ William Blake – The Sick Rose
16/ Justice – Stress
17/ Ghedalia Tazartes – Un Amour Si Grand Qu’il Nie Son Objet
18/ Constantin Kavafy – H POLIS – (read by Elli Lamberti)
19/ Lan Hungh – Schmetterling Auf Der Windschutzscheibe
20/ Valerie Vivancos – Fa64 Final
Adam Nankervis  [photo Stephanie Gerner]

Première écoute : jeudi 22 décembre 14h jusqu’au 30 dec, mêmes horaires.



Adam Nankervis is an artist and independent curator. His practice has infused artistic, conceptual and curatorial practice in his lived in nomadic museum, Museum MAN, which renders the ready made, the habitated box, an apartment, to the navigation of the expanse of museum into an installation of threads of multifarious artists and artistic practice into a whole.
Adam Nankervis has participated in Johannesburg Biennale, curated by Gerardo Mesquera and Okwai Enwazor 1997 collaborating with artist David Medalla-The Mondrian Fan Club, Life-Live. Musee Art Moderne de La Ville Paris 1995, curator Hans Ulrich Orbrist, solo exhibitions include Los Angeles Biennale 2001, London Biennale 2009-2012 as International Coordinator.
Adam Nankervis, Museum MAN has also participated in The Liverpool Biennial, 2004 and 2006, The First Latin American Performance Biennale Santiago de Chile 2006 and at the Bereznitska and Partner Gallery Berlin with his large installation works in Kiev and Donetsk Ukraine 2009/2010,
His ongoing project another vacant space. has re-manifested in Berlin Wedding 2011, since being founded in an abandoned shoe shop on Mercer Street NYC in 1992. The project focuses on the re-emergence of the missing. Histories lost and found. Exhibitions by Susanne Neubauer “Paul Thek-In Process”, Betty Leirner “Reserved”, David Medalla “Cloud Canyons-kintetic works and cosmic propulsions 1964-2011), 2011. Upcoming exhibitions include Ivor Stodolsky and Marita Muukkonen “The Art of Perestoika” and Ian Hunter and Celia Larner “Kurt Schwitters-Merzbarn” 2012.
Adam Nankervis continues to exhibit his own work in Berlin, London and NYC and can be found in collections including Arts Council England, James Moores Collection and public and private collections world wide.
Museum MAN
Another vacant space.


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