Andrea Parkins


1. Andrea Parkins -Ob-jest, the jettisoned, #1
2. Brion Gysin – I Have Come to Free the Words.
3. Chris Corsano – Island of Hammers (Dumb as an)
4. Matmos – Momento Mori
5. Ellen Fullman -Hiss Louder
6. C. Spencer Yeh – Live at Lampo (2008)
7. Joan La Barbara — from 73 Poems, Texts by Kenneth Goldsmith – Poem #4.
8. Joan La Barbara — from 73 Poems, Text by Kenneth Goldsmith – Poem #12.
9. Joan La Barbara – from 73 Poems, Texts by Kenneth Goldsmith – Poem #18
10. Bruce Nauman – Violin problem two/Playing two notes, very close together (extrait) 1969
11. Toshimaru Nakamura — Nimb 19.1
12.Andrea Parkins — Faulty (Broken Orbit), iv
13. Robert Ashley – She Was a Visitor extrait de “Extended Voices: New pieces for Chorus and for Voices Altered Electronically by Sound Synthesizer and Vocoder” (Track 4)
14. George Lewis – Voyager Duo 1
15. George Lewis – Voyager Duo 2
16. George Lewis – Voyager Duo 3
17. Andrea Parkins – Ob-jest, the jettisoned, #10
18. Eiiane Radigue – Arthesis (1973)
19. Alison Knowles – NIvea Cream
20. Alvin Lucier – Vespars (from LP Sonic Arts Union)
21. James Tenney – Septet for Electric Guitars
22. Gordon Mumma — Horn, a coulisse from antiquity, in the guise of an objet trouvé
23. Max Neuhaus- RadioNet (1977) – Part 2
24. Iannes Xenakis – Neg-Ale (sound from film on ubu)
25. Morton Feldman – The King of Denmark (from aspen 5 & 6)
realized by Max Neuhaus
26.Bernard Parmegiani – La Roue Ferris
27. Annea Lockwood — Tiger Balm
28. Andrea Parkins, Ob-jest, the jettisoned, #5


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Andrea Parkins is a composer, sound/installation artist and improvising multi-instrumentalist, especially known for her uniquely gestural and textural approach to her electronically-processed accordion and customized live sound processing. Described by Steve Smith of The New York Times as a “sound-ist” and beyond category as an artist, performer and musician, she creates with her laptop electronics and Fender-amped accordion an intense and visceral sonic world, full of lush harmonics, noisy concretized disruption, and soaring electronic feedback.
Parkins’ work has been presented in NYC at the Whitney Museum of American Art. The Kitchen, Diapason sound gallery, and Experimental Intermedia; and internationally at contemporary arts festivals/venues including the first International Sound Art Festival in Mexico City, Sonic Circuits in the US, Unsound in Poland and NEXT in Bratislava.  She performs worldwide as a solo artist and in wide-ranging formations with innovators such as Otomo Yoshihide, David Watson, and Lê Quan Ninh, among many others;  across genre with avant-jazz saxophonist Ellery Eskelin and Wilco-guitarist Nels Cline, and in collaboration across medium with choreographers and filmmakers. As a sound artist and composer, her work includes electroacoustic solo and chamber pieces, scores for dance and film, electronic music works, and multi-diffusion audio installations featuring amplified objects that are found or made.  On an ongoing basis, Parkins develops and performs her primary project, a series of interactive audio/visual works inspired by Rube Goldberg’s circuitous machines.


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