Chuck Bettis : Mudang Rouge (new album)


I’m extremely proud of my new studio record with a musical project consisting of some of my oldest friends (i’ve known most since i was in the 6th grade!)

When you have a moment, we would appreciate you taking the time to check out the music & video

MUDANG ROUGE – Fantasy Horizon

Chuck Bettis – electronics, throat, mukkuri

Jerry Lim – kayagum, electric & acoustic guitars, danso

Evan Rapport – alto & soprano saxophones, recorder, harmonica

Josh Blair – drums on “Liquid Lavendar Light” & “Crimson Dawn”

recorded at Menegroth, the thousand caves in Queens, NY by Colin Marston on January 24, 2010
(if you crave limited edition physical objects, please visit or go get it from )

video by me (if you have epilepsy, don’t watch!)

“From New York to the moon and back, Mudang Rouge is a force to be reckoned with. Chuck Bettis, Jerry Lim, Evan Rapport, and Josh Blair create bone-chilling pieces, with a complete and total disregard for boundaries. Each player brings his own style and voice to create a quilt of sound. For those looking for a reference …. Coltrane/The Boredoms/Fahey/Ikue Mori/Can/Sun Ra/Haack. Improvisation of the highest order. Hand made and screen printed (12 songs – 52 minutes)” – Don’t Trust The Ruin

Hope to cross paths soon.
luv, chu

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