Chuck Bettis : Mudang Rouge (new album)


I’m extremely proud of my new studio record with a musical project consisting of some of my oldest friends (i’ve known most since i was in the 6th grade!)

When you have a moment, we would appreciate you taking the time to check out the music & video

MUDANG ROUGE – Fantasy Horizon

Chuck Bettis – electronics, throat, mukkuri

Jerry Lim – kayagum, electric & acoustic guitars, danso

Evan Rapport – alto & soprano saxophones, recorder, harmonica

Josh Blair – drums on « Liquid Lavendar Light » & « Crimson Dawn »

recorded at Menegroth, the thousand caves in Queens, NY by Colin Marston on January 24, 2010
(if you crave limited edition physical objects, please visit or go get it from )

video by me (if you have epilepsy, don’t watch!)

« From New York to the moon and back, Mudang Rouge is a force to be reckoned with. Chuck Bettis, Jerry Lim, Evan Rapport, and Josh Blair create bone-chilling pieces, with a complete and total disregard for boundaries. Each player brings his own style and voice to create a quilt of sound. For those looking for a reference …. Coltrane/The Boredoms/Fahey/Ikue Mori/Can/Sun Ra/Haack. Improvisation of the highest order. Hand made and screen printed (12 songs – 52 minutes) » – Don’t Trust The Ruin

Hope to cross paths soon.
luv, chu

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