ICI UPCOMING EXHIBITIONS, Curated by Stephen Vitiello

With Hidden Noise
Curated by Stephen Vitiello
Stephen Vitiello

ICI’s newest Exhibition in a Box, With Hidden Noise, is an exploration of sound art that seeks to ask gallery and museum visitors to spend time listening with ears they may not know they had…Titled after Marcel Duchamp’s ready-made of a ball of string containing a mysterious sound-marking object hidden in its folds, this exhibition brings together evocative sounds, some recognizable from traditional instruments and field recordings, and other masked through electronic processes.

With Hidden Noise is curated by Stephen Vitiello, an artist who has worked with sound for over 20 years, transforming anodyne noises into compelling soundscapes. He has often collaborated with preeminent musicians and visual artists, and has curated several sound and media programs such as the Sound Art component to the Whitney Museum’s exhibition The American Century: Art and Culture 1950-2000.

Artists include: Taylor Deupree, Jennie C. Jones, Pauline Oliveros, Andrea Parkins, Steve Peters, Steve Roden, Michael J. Schumacher, and Stephen Vitiello.

A special preview selection of works by the artists in the exhibition will be presented at The Curator’s Lounge.


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