Les masques et autres fantomes sonores de Joe Frawley


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1. The Hypnotist
2. Left Cincinnati
3. The Girl on the Quay
4. Francine in Uniform
5. (t)ext
6. Angel Box Three
7. False Memory
8. Masque
9. In paradisium (Black lipstick)
10. Avenue of the Secret Fur
Kaleidoscope. Collage d’objet trouvé et manipulation digitale de Joe Frawley.
Image créée pour l’album  Audiotoop, 2010

I am a pianist, composer, and sound collage artist whose work falls between the cracks of several musical genres. My approach is to combine original music with found sound samples, both processed and arranged electronically, to explore subconscious states, such as dreams, trances, auditory hallucinations, involuntary memories, etc. The found sounds are appropriated from a variety of prerecorded media and include voices, sound effects, or musical samples, as well as original field recordings. I particularly enjoy recontextualizing speech samples (a favorite source being public radio interviews) and recombining them with other sounds to create new meanings. I aim to place the spoken word on equal footing with music, thereby calling attention to the musical qualities of speech, also taking advantage of the mood or tone the words evoke to augment the musical effect. Due to the prevalence of spoken word samples, the resulting work tends to suggest a narrative, however I try not to impose a particular story upon the listener, preferring instead the individual and subjective interpretations of imaginative minds. JF


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Joe Frawley (b. July 4, 1971) is an experimental composer and pianist working out of New London, Connecticut, whose works blur the boundary between music and sound art. By layering and juxtaposing original music with processed found sounds, field recordings, and recontextualized speech fragments, the composer creates challenging yet accessible sound assemblages bearing a hypnotic dreamlike quality. His works have been widely broadcast internationally and appear on several prominent experimental music compilation CDs, including Vibrö No. 4: Music No Music, published by Double Entendre (Paris), and Audiotron, published by Extrapool (Netherlands).
Website: http://www.joefrawleymusic.info/


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