Update of September 3rd 2014


EXTENDED DEADLINE: October 15th 2014

Belgian- Rwandan sound artist Aurélie Lierman is in search for Japanese voices

Aurélie Lierman is an award winning composer, radio artist and vocal artist. Field recordings and human speech are the backbone of her work. Ditto her new creation in which she would like to incorporate the sonic qualities of Japanese speech. With this creation she’ll also try to reflect in an abstract artistic way on Fukushima and the aftermath of the 2011 disaster.

Volunteers are requested to read old messages dated not earlier than March 11th 2011 and written within the first weeks following ‘3/11″: e.g. old SMS, Facebook status updates, Facebook messenger, Twitter, MSN, voice mails, emails, etc. Preferably those old messages should have been addressed to or written by the reading volunteer. All messages should be related in one way or another to the idea of

– trying to get an idea of what has happened on ‘3/11’ and/or

– some one, in Japan or overseas, getting in touch with family members, friends, colleagues or acquaintances directly or indirectly involved in ‘3/11’

Aurélie Lierman’s intention is to create an electronic tape composition and art installation based on a.o. the recordings of those messages. The piece is to be premiered in Autumn 2014 in The Netherlands and was invited by Dominique Balaÿ to be included in his project “Meanwhile, in Fukushima”. Aurélie Lierman wants to give thanks in advance for spreading the word and/or participating. Please find more info about her OPEN CALL down below.




“Meanwhile in Fukushima” is an international artistic collaborative project with regular radio broadcasts and public presentations of visual and sonic art pieces that reflect on Fukushima and its recent history. Public events of “Meanwhile, in Fukushima” may take place In Europe, Japan and elsewhere.

e-mail: You can write in Japanese, English, French, Dutc



Anyone who can speak Japanese can participate regardless of age, gender, profession or background. Japanese dialect or the mother tongue of the reader are not specified. The speaker could be a native- speaker or fluent in Japanese as a foreign language.
Professional speakers are welcomed, but experience with reading in public is not a requirement at all.



The length per recorded message should be rather short. Just as an indication: anything from a second up to a few minutes per message is convenient. Nevertheless the reader decides how short or how long his/her message(s) should be. The volunteer can send as little or as many messages as he/she wants.

The volunteers could record their texts, preferably by themselves in a rather quiet environment of their choice, with for e.g. a small cassette recorder, dictaphone, smartphone, PC, iPhone, Mac, mp3 player, Minidisc, Walkman, Skype… or whatever tool they find can help them record the sound of their voice. It is not necessary at all to edit or process the audio recordings. Professional studio recordings are welcomed but not obligatory at all.

– Volunteers are requested to follow two recording processes:

1. With every new recorded message the volunteer should first read the date of the message, the source of the message (Facebook, Twitter, MSN, voice mail,…) and (only if possible) also the place where the message has been send from or received. Leave at least 2 seconds in-between every new recorded message.

2. The volunteer will repeat this recording process, reading exactly the same messages for a second time but now in an English translation (if possible).

– For voice mail messages:

In case the volunteer wants to contribute with an old voice mail message related to ‘3/11’, if possible please send the voice mail as it is: keep the typical ‘voice mail sounds’ as the ‘welcome message’ of the phone provider including the date of the message, the beep tone and other voice mail related sounds. Here an English translation is welcomed too.

A selection of these ‘Japanese Voice’ -recordings will be used by Aurélie Lierman in her new creation(s) directly related to the projects of “Meanwhile, in Fukushima”.

Requested audio format: .wav or .aiff or .mp3
Requested sample rate: 48kHz/24b or lower, as long as the voice can be understood
Give every separate audio file a clear filename in roman alphabet, including [ ‘a file number’ + ‘your full name’ + ‘your title’ + ‘Japanese voices’ ]

Please send all recordings in one zipped file via We Transfer or Dropbox to
by OCTOBER 15th 2014


“Meanwhile, in Fukushima” is a non-profit and voluntary based project. The contribution to this OPEN CALL is also on a voluntary basis, so there’s no remuneration for participation in this OPEN CALL. Nevertheless volunteers whose voices have been embedded in Aurélie Lierman’s creations will be credited, unless the volunteer communicates explicitly, via, that he/she wants to remain anonymous.

In any case: endless gratitude for your interest in and your contribution to this new project of “Meanwhile, in Fukushima”.

MEANWHILE IN FUKUSHIMA - visuals -  © Seb Jarnot

“Meanwhile, in Fukushima” © visuals Seb Jarnot –

“Meanwhile, in Fukushima” – Japanese Voices – © concept Aurélie Lierman –
“Meanwhile, in Fukushima” is a project initiated and led by Domnique Balaÿ –

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