Philippe Petit : Guitar Heroic


Guitar Heroic
Un mix live & DJ où, en opposition aux anciens mythes du guitar hero, cet instrument est pris comme source principale du morceau. Préparée, detunée, sur des tonalités melancoliques, elle s’étend vers des territoires émotionnels défendus au présent ou au passé par des artistes tels Fennesz, GYBE!, Fonica, Myrah, Twine, David Grubs, David Sylvian, Loren Mazzacane Connors, Do Make Say Think, Mike Cooper, Slint, Talk Talk, Jim O’Rourke … etc … (P.Petit)
Philippe Petit – recent work, an extract of “The Extraordinary Tales Of A Lemon Girl”, trilogy to appear on Aagoo Records
Philippe Petit – Needles in pain, Live@FIME Festival – novembre 2009
Philippe Petit

Première écoute : jeudi 22 sept 12h et 23h jusqu’au 29 sept, mêmes horaires.


PHILIPPE PETIT is interested in soundtracks; even if he creates original music he’d rather be introduced as a “musical travel agent” than a composer.
PETIT uses an Electric Psalterion and Hackbrett Cymbalum + computer and synths a computer and synths to build up electronic layers, process acoustic and field recordings. To second the machine he likes to move various glasses, or percussive objects, and take advantage of vinyl material to fondle released sounds.
A journalist for various magazines and radio as well as a musical activist, PETIT has celebrated his 27th year of sharing his musical passions as the man behind the cult labels Pandemonium Rdz. and BiP_HOp.
PETIT has assembled what people call a dream-team of collaborators, often joining Lydia Lunch or Faust onstage, and working with: Foetus, Murcof, Edward Ka-Spel, Kumo, Scott McCloud (Girls Against Boys), Cosey Fanni Tutti, My Brightest Diamond, Sybarite, Pantaleimon, Graham Lewis (Wire), Barry Adamson, Scanner, Mira Calix, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Guapo, Leafcutter John, Simon Fisher Turner, Jarboe, ASVA and many more …

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