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Music curated and mixed by Shayna Dunkelman (no additional effects or processing of the original material other than simple fades) for webSYNradio, November 2011 in Brooklyn, NY
Total time: 1:36:44
In order of appearance:
1. Zeena Parkins – “Visible/Invisible 1: The Hand: Eclipse Quartet” (2005) from Necklace (2008) [5:44]
2. Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson – “Horpma II” (excerpt, 2008-10) from Horpma (2011) [4:06]
3. Kevin Shea Adams – “genLos” (2009) [5:54]
4. Ferrante and Teicher – “The Nearness of You” from Ferrante and Teicher with Percussion (1958) [2:44]
5. Toru Takemitsu – “music from Banished Orin” (film: 1977) from The Film Music of Toru Takemitsu (1997) [7:52]
6. James Tenney – “Collage #1 (Blue Suede)” (1961) from Selected Works 1961-1969 [3:27]
7. Maryclare Brzytwa – “Berlin” from MCB (2011) [5:01]
8. Matt Marks – “Kinda (Go To Sleep)” from The Little Death: Vol. 1 (2010) [4:18]
9. Preshish Moments – “El Chordo” from Touchable (2010) [3:26]
10. The Norman Conquest – “Myriad” (excerpt, 2007-2011) [5:01]
11. Peter B – “I am walking down the stairs” from a’ d’ lake (2000) [1:05]
12. Slow Children – “the first child” (2008) [3:41]
13. Wiener Kids – “Pea Brain” from What A Mess (2011) [2:36]
14. Ches Smith And These Arches – “Disgust for a pathetic chorale” from Finally out of my hands (2010) [3:44]
15. People Like Us and Wobbly – “Nmm Ne” from Live At ATA, 12 October 2002 [4:10]
16. Cornelius – “Scum” from Sensuous (2006) [0:41]
17. John Zorn – “Part 2” from Femina (2009) [10:11]
18. Caleb Burhans – “The Things Left Unsaid” for Tarab Cello Ensemble (2006) [8:38]
19. Theresa Wong – “Bury Them and Keep Quiet” from The Unlearning (2011) [4:43]
20. Ayako Kataoka – “I love you adroitly” (2008) [2:56]
21. Ikue Mori – “Tool Box ~ Loops” from Garden (1996) [7:47]
22. Prefuse 73 – “Pagina Cuatro” from Reads The Books E.P. (2005) [0:56]
*Tracks 6 and 15 are taken from UbuWeb Sound archives
Shayna Dunkelman  [photo by Heike Liss]

Première écoute : jeudi 15 décembre 14h jusqu’au 22 dec, mêmes horaires.



Shayna Dunkelman is a musician, an improviser, and a percussionist based in Brooklyn, NY. Dunkelman is known for her stunning classical techniques and her use of a Xylosynth to access a sonic pallet not found in acoustic percussion. Dunkelman’s musical activities span a wide spectrum. She plays classical and contemporary pieces with the William Winant Percussion Group and the young and stylish chamber ensemble Deviant Septet, while recording and performing with pioneers of avant-garde experimental musicians such as John Zorn and Zeena Parkins. She also improvised with popular electronic musicians like Dan Deacon and members of Matmos to name a few.  Composers have written percussion pieces that take advantage of Dunkelman’s versatility and unique style. She is also the founding member of the exotica inspired pop electronica duo peptalk with Preshish Moments. Dunkelman graduated with honors in both music and mathematics from Mills College in Oakland, CA in 2007, where she studied percussion with William Winant. Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan to an Indonesian mother and a Jewish-American father, Dunkelman learned to be a multi-instrumentalist, and performed alongside her mother, a musician and composer active in Asia and the Middle East.
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